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PLC Cables
PLC programming cable
Analog, encoder, ethernet, and servo simulators
PLC and HMI Repairs
SLC, PLC5, Controllogix, and Panelview repairs
PLC Training and Lessons
PLC training and lessons
Industrial Surplus
Industrial surplus
Charity Auctions
Charity industrial auctions

TW Controls is a full service automation company.  We work with many 3rd pary companies so that we can provide you with turnkey solutions custom designed to fit your needs.

System Design - We have a very hands on approach to tackling customer's problems.  Whether the project is to increase production capacity, insure quality, there is a safety concern, or you are just trying to upgrade a working obsolete system before it becomes problematic, we will be there working side by side with you to assure that our solution is the best fit for your application.

Programming - We are very well versed in PLC and HMI programming, working with customers in house programmers and sometimes even our distinguished colleagues (competing companies) do develop reliable code to safely operate machines and gather data to distribute and render to SCADA systems.  We work mostly with Allen Bradley: Controllogix, Compactlogix, Micrologix, + SLC PLCs and Automation Direct: DL05, DL06, DL205, + DoMore PLCs.

Product Manufacturing - We have a very diverse in house and 3rd party manufacturing network that allows us to offer full control panel manufacturing capabilities and our web product offerings at The Automation Store which include our PLC Tools simulators and testers, our PLC cables and PLC Trainers, and our new and used surplus automation equipment.

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